POS Offline to Online Transaction
  • POS is able to do transaction offline
  • Auto synchronization based on connection availability
  • Synchronize pricelist, promotion package, new items and software updates
  • Daily transaction and inventory level monitoring (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Sales and service transaction must be calculated and finalized daily
  • Transfer stock item between outlets
Pos Offlineto Online Transaction

Previous Conditions

  • POS Online, POS Offline.

    Reliability or Synchronization issues on end-of-day process.

  • Updated Pricelist, Promotion Package, Sales Commission.

    Need to do VPN connect to POS 1 by 1
    for updates or do an Outlet Visit.

  • No visibility of outlet activities.

    Simply wait for complaints or reports from Outlet Manager.

  • Inventory Stock Monitoring Dificulties.

    Slow and problematic manual checking.

  • Transfer Stock or People between Outlet.

    Difficult to Synchronize.

Synchro Solutions

  • POS Synchronization Scheduler

    Scheduled, compressed and Secure over slow.

  • Centralized Management.

    Setting Pricelist Flexible

    Set Commission on Individual

    Faster Promotion Applied

  • Event Notification.

    Alerts for certain events

    Keep alive heart beats

  • Inventory Data Consolidation.

    Combine multiple outlet stock level

    Incremental retrieval

    Converts unstructed journal files into structured database records

  • Delay in data sending/receive, compare to Physical goods.

    Managed Data Synchronization

    Seamless data synchronization

    Item or people transfer between Outlet must be monitored and controlled as will affect the commission and Cost of Goods Sold

Implementation Results and Benefits

Improve Data Transfer Process

Easy and fast distribution of software and promotion and media update to POS

Faster Outlet Case Handling

Near real-time data acquisition and minimum stock level handling

Decreases Device Disconnected Issues

Near real-time notification of branches, POSs, ATMs maintenance and failure events

Software Updates And Ability To Fix Problem Remotely

Easy and fast distribution of software and promotion and media update to POS