ATM Electronics Journal
  • ATM limited bandwidth, unable to collect electronic journals
  • Multiple brand of ATM, various electronic journals format
  • Auto-synchronization based on connection availability
  • Collect electronic journals, load into databases
  • Activity monitoring (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Push marketing banner / video to ATM
• Update patches to ATMs
Atm Electronics Journal

Previous Conditions

  • Media and Software Updates Dificulties

    Slow and problematic manual updates

  • Slow and difficulties in cases handling (Customer Complain Handling)

    Need weeks to solve case due to unavailability of Electronic Journals

  • No visibility of ATM problems

    Simply wait for customer or operator complaints

  • Inventory Stock Monitoring Dificulties.

    Slow and problematic manual downloads

    Physical media downloads (Flashdisk Copy)

  • ATM distruption during download / upload

    Limited ATM bandwidth (Averaging 16 kbps)

    No bandwith management causes distruptions due to saturated network

Synchro Solutions

  • Media and Update Distribution

    Distribute updates to ATMs (software update or multimedia files) on schedulle

  • Centralized ATM Management

    Dashboard and connectivity monitoring

    Remote command execution

    Screenshots captures

  • Event Notification

    Alerts for certain events

    Keep alive heart beats

  • Electronic Journal Data Consolidations

    Multiple ATM formats (Wincor, NCR, Hyosung)

    Incremental retrieval

    Convert unstructured journal Files into structured database records

  • Bandwith Management

    Data compression

    Finely tuned bandwith utilization limiter, prevents ATM network saturation and allows normal ATM operation during upload/download

Implementation Results and Benefits

Improve ATM Maintenance

Easy and fast distribution of software and promotion and media update to 1000 ATMs

Faster ATM Case Handling

Near real-time acquisition and translation of electronic journal

Decreases ATM Downtime

Near real-time notification ATM maintenance and failure events

Fix Problem Remotely

Remote scripts deployment