Synchro provides a reliable and secure solution for data distribution and consolidation.

  • Scheduling & Auto Resume
    & Auto Resume
  • Database & File System Flexibility
    Database & File System Flexibility
  • Web-based Reporting & Control
    Web-based Reporting & Control
  • Transformation Between The Database
    Transformation Between The Database
  • Centralized Management
    Centralized Management
  • Optimization of The Network (Intra- or Internet)
    Optimization of The Network (Intra- or Internet)
  • Centralized Management
    Built-in RSA 4096 Security
Our Solution:
  • Consolidate and Synchronize Disperse Data
  • Manage Data Transfer securely on Limited Connectivity
What Synchro do:
  1. Reduce complexities
  2. Increase efficiencies
  3. Transform existing businesses
  4. Open new business possibilities
Synchro can serve Mixed environments
  1. Legacy Systems Database to Database Synchronization
  2. Complex Systems Multiple Data Format and Multiple OS

Which Focuses On

  • Security / Secure Communication

    Security / Secure Communication

    SYNCHRO has an exclusive network encapsulation that allows data to be moved safely. SYNCHRO server doesn’t need to change standard network access protocol, only required outgoing connection from branch.

  • WAN Optimizations

    WAN Optimizations

    SYNCHRO designed to perform data transfer when the internet is not in good condition by using a compression method, parallel processing and data buffering.

  • Streaming Input/ Output

    Streaming Input/ Output

    Support data transfer in real time and parallel, thereby accelerate the process of data transfer.

  • Central repository

    Central repository

    Support centralized management data thereby transfer from one point to the other can be arranged from HO, without need to do intervention process to data source.

  • Checkpoint & Resume

    Checkpoint & Resume

    Support resume process, thereby if the process of data transfer disconnected, then the remaining data will be sent to according to checkpoint, don’t need to repeated the overall data.

  • ETL function

    ETL function

    SYNCHRO can be used to perform the exchange of different types of data sources including: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Microsoft Excel, PostgresSQL, File Transfer (sync,copy, move), IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access, CSV, Mysql and any other data base that supports JDBC.

  • Checkpoint & Resume

    Adhoc & Schedule Transferred

    The process of data transfer can be arranged flexibly.

Inside Synchro